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Andrew B.   -Philadelphia, PA

When my cousin introduced me to Steve back in the summer of 2010 I had no idea what to expect. All that I knew about Steve was that he worked in finance and ran his own investment fund. I always had an interest in getting seriously involved in finance, however, I did not want to work for a big firm or deal with the corporate headaches. The introduction to Steve was the break I needed because he had done exactly what I wanted to do, which was to be successful in finance and to be your own boss.

My first meeting with Steve was essential because he provided me with the necessary tools to be successful, i.e. reading materials, broker, charting software, computer setup, order execution software and most importantly his market theory! At the time I could not believe someone who I had just met for the first time would be so willing to help me in such an unselfish way, it was absolutely unreal. If I had not had Steve’s help the setup alone would have taken me years to figure out on my own.

Getting the correct setup was only half the battle. For the next year and a half or so Steve and I talked on Skype during market hours. I was getting a firsthand view into what Steve was thinking and when. I could not have survived on my own without his help. Thanks to Steve I was able to quit my job in Banking and I am currently a full time trader with hopes to one day become a CTA.

Mike J.   -Laytonsville, MD

Hello Steve,

I really like being in the trade room (and 13 handles on the ES isn’t “bad” either). I was wondering if you trade any other markets?  Also, I would like to sign up past my 3 day trial date!
Thanks again,

Frank C.  -LA, CA

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for all you have done to get me up and running trading! You have saved me thousands of dollars and hours while climbing this long trading knowledge curve. Your ES short call on Friday, in the room, at 1386.50 was a huge 10 pointer for me! I am looking forward to some personal coaching when you have time.

Tom G.   -Denver, CO

I’ve been in Steve’s class for 8 days and already have made enough money to pay for the course. It’s tremendously helpful to see how a pro trader of Steve’s caliber enters trades and then manages them. He explains trade entries clearly and in advance and also is really good about identifying subsequent exits. I recommend the course very highly.

Have a good one.

Sandra K.  -Middle, OH

I have been watching the videos on my learning Saturday and what a boost to my confidence. Everything is coming together. I don’t trade exactly like you, but, yep , I can learn a lot from you. This has been a great experience and I look forward to the rest of the room!  love the way you analyze the day. Seeing how you trade, with your comments, is really bringing all my past teaching into a “perfect” trading realm. Being confident and trusting the trade- yep that’s what your classes are helping me do. Thanks again. Keep it up, you are an excellent teacher.



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