Investment Management

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What if everything you’ve been told about investing is WRONG?

Hard to believe? Consider what happened to your portfolio during the market meltdown in 2007-2009. Were you ever advised to mitigate risk and take any action to stop losing money? Or were you told to just “buy and hold” and hope that the market would eventually go up? The fact is most investors have lost far too much money by doing what they were told to do. Following so-called conventional advice like buy-and-hold just doesn’t work in the real world because it leaves investors exposed to the full risk of the markets — and potentially devastating losses during market declines.

Benchmark Wealth Advisors, LLC has a different approach!

Our investment approach adapts to changing market conditions so we can provide you with long-term investment growth and meaningful protection during market declines. BWA believes our clients should be protected from serious losses during every significant market correction.

Our investment philosophy is based on decades of academically validated and Nobel prize winning research. We don’t use crystal balls, black boxes or hot tips to structure portfolio’s, we use capital markets science. We believe there are dimensions of investment returns that can be captured by maintaining a broadly diversified portfolio over multiple asset classes. The difference between Benchmark and other firms is in the active hedging we employ to mitigate downside swings during bear markets and large corrections. If you would like a higher level of security for your investments, and lower costs for your dental practice 401K, we’d be happy to discuss your situation with you…no strings attached.

I have built a significant following on financial social media for my trading and portfolio management acumen. I am also honored to have received the 2017 Investopedia 100 Most Influential Advisors award.

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