I’m a featured speaker at the Wealth365 Summit 11am ET on July 21st, 2018!!

My webinar details…

Mastering Market Profile and Order Flow to Make $$!

You will learn:

-Reading order flow with the Volume Scope chart, an intro.
-Why the volume imbalance indicator cuts the work out of interpreting order flow.
-How many traders “over analyze” reading this chart.
-Interpreting volume at price information.
-Why Auction Market Theory’s place in trade analysis is everything!
-Why your interpretation of context is so critical to trade success.

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Using the Market Delta Footprint Chart Correctly to Print $$!! 

Designed to help the trader answer the ‘when’ to trade vs. other indicators ‘where,’ this chart will let you look inside the bars and track buyers, sellers, volume, and order flow.

During this recorded training presentation, you will learn…
• How many traders “over analyze” reading this killer chart!
• Misuse of pattern recognition strategies.
• Interpreting volume at price information.
• Reading order flow with the Footprint chart.
• Why your interpretation of context is so critical to trade success!


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