Weekly Market Analysis & Charts

Our subscribers enjoy quality weekly market analysis and chart breakdowns.  We combine the monthly (LT Composite), daily, and Market Profile (MP, volume based) charts to give you a broader view of what’s really happening in the market.  Traders tell us this is key to proper trading day preparation!

We focus primarily on 4 crucial futures contracts:

Symbol             Description  
ES, NQ             CME listed futures contracts, the most liquid
DAX                  Eurex listed futures contract
6E                     CME listed EUR/USD currency pair futures contract

What you can expect:

  • Complete trading prep plan (including CME Globex overnight session) with possible outcome scenarios
  • Full access to our member’s only archive and blog posts
  • A L-T Composite chart of each contract we trade (including all LVN’s & HVN’s)
  • 30min candle and MP charts with all indicators and S/R areas
  • Special offers and trials from our trading partners (Investor/RT, AMS & DTN IQfeed)
  • You may cancel at anytime


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